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Isoft CRM / Sales Software

Isoft CRM Software / Sales Management Software

Isoft sales management software or  CRM software is a complete software designed to cater  the needs of manufacturing/ service/ trading industry, to manage sales and marketing and generate new business opportunities an get  repetitive business from existing customers who have once join hands with the organization.  It takes care of the sales activity starting from initiation of sales to its closure and also the services after sales. It helps organisation to streamline sales and marketing process to have better control on the man material and money involved in sales. Isoft CRM Software covers all the aspect of sales and marketing in a very extensive manner which facilitates the stakeholder to covert every opportunity in to business by means of sales activity or maintaining relation with the customers.

What makes Isoft CRM better?

There are various ways to decide which software is better for your organization. Isoft CRM software is a solution to all the problems of sales and marketing department. All the people who use isoft CRM Software can do the following :

  • Sales Data analysis
  • Management of  Commercials and accomplishments
  • Tracking and monitoring sales on day to day basis
  • Tracking and managing Inquiry  on daily basis
  • Improve Customer Relationship and improve professionalism
  • Staff  and task management
  • Product management
  • Fund management related to sales and marketing

Why you should buy Isoft CRM?

What makes you buy a CRM and a Sales management software is what should come to your mind.  As you know very well that sales is one of the pain area of any company and they focus on to it to get  maximum result for effort and money spent. However this is the area which is most difficult to manage as it is difficult to track every activity manually. Another problem area is converting maximum  inquiry generated in to business, the third area is money spent for business. If you can have control on these basic things in business you are in a win win situation. Isoft CRM solution is just what you can think off. It gives all the solution to the problems that you are facing in sales.

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