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Isoft Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Isoft Material requirement Plan Software is a complete solution to assist you in managing the raw materials required in the process of capacity building of your company. It is envisaged that right amount of stocking material and using material is the core area in business.  If the things are not done right it can lead to improper production or loss of production or draining of money, viz-a-viz reducing the capacity to withstand competition and sustain in the market. Isoft Material requirement Solution gives a complete solution by controlling and material movement and purchase process in detail.

Are you looking for effective material requirement planning ?

If you are looking for a effective material requirement plan, you will have to integrate production, purchase and inventory in details, where production gives the actual input of the material used in production, Inventory helps in analysing the material required or used for production and the purchase which manages and keeps the data of the purchase. once all the three as set in place the MRP software can generate the desired result as per the production plan and give the best option to have a best result with the available resources.

MRP Systems are Prevalent in some Form or Other

In most of the enterprises the MRP systems are prevalent in some form or other. But the desired result is not possible by any manual system or they need too much knowledge or takes a long time. This is the place where Isoft MRP software has a role to play with following features. 

  • Analyse the data and give desired quantitative requirement for planning production.
  • Manages its movement and controls the usage by qualitative measures.
  • Helps in organizing purchase and stocking material as per requirement.
  • Helps in managing  material processed outside the factory premises
material resource planning 

Material Requirement Planning Continues to be Relevant

Despite the overall dominance of enterprise resource planning software, people find it difficult to manage the material requirement as per their requirement and opt for technical expertise in finding out a solution to this problem. We can see that big companies with full fledged and costly ERP Software are unable to fulfill the need . You will believe that over 80% of the smaller and medium enterprises resort to MRP in their day to day production. Isoft ERP Solution developed at Majtech ensures that instead of being a data capturing software, provide the best result to manage the requirement with unlimited reporting and data analysis.


Before integration of material resource planning with the broader ERP solutions, it was hard task to accomplish. Ever changing requirements of the enterprise and catering to them with changeover of equipment and accessories was one of the most time consuming and daunting tasks for any entrepreneur. It was also expensive in nature. However use of Isoft Material Requirement planning software addresses all these issues quite comfortably. With it you can easily plan and manage materials and all aspects of your business concern.

If you want effective material requirement planning software for your enterprise then our enterprise resource planning software is the solution as it integrates MRP in it.

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