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Isoft Hotel ERP Software

Our Hotel Management ERP Software Offers A Complete Package Isoft hotel ERP is a comprehensive integrated solution for hotel of any size in managing the business. This solution for hotel will take care of the restaurant, lodging, stores, accounts, Property administration, Fleet Management, other administration, Fixed assets etc. The product is modular in design and can be installed as per the requirement. Further, it can be scaled to a higher level as the requirement grows. Mostly all of the small/Medium/Large enterprises are now looking for easy to operate and comprehensive hotel management software that can take care of all aspects of the hospitality industry. When you opt for our hotel management ERP software your problem is immediately resolved. Most of the enterprises whether large or small are now opting for hotel management software that will take care of all aspects including restaurant, front office, back office and online booking. However most of the traditional ERP software for hotels do not have these capabilities. But when you opt for the software offered by Majtech all your problems are easily and conveniently resolved. The reason is that our hotel management ERP software not only takes care of enterprise resource planning but also comprises of all tools necessary for analyzing all aspects of hotel management process.

What Our ERP Software for Hotels Offer

The ERP software for hotels that we offer our clients is a comprehensive pacakge.. it contains all the necessary tools for automating the process of reservation, booking, accounting, maintenance, property administration,Purchase, Fleet, and restaurant activity among others. The tool facilitates online reservation that is the trend in the market. Besides restaurants and lodging it also takes care to regulate third party activities efficiently. Thus it is a full package and when you use this as your hotel management software it won’t be necessary for you to depend on multiple additional tools and software for carrying out all the tasks relating to your business.

Our Product is Based on Market Survey and Scientific Research

Our hotel management ERP software has been developed after conducting comprehensive market survey and therefore is based on scientific research instead of simple assumptions. We take stock of the market trends and also find out what the best of the policies would be for Hospitality and providing plugins in the products for our clients. Of late many entrepreneurs and executives are changing their current hotel management software for the reason that they do not serve the purpose for which they are deployed. On the other hand the software we provide follows the latest and most advanced cutting edge technologies relating to enterprise resource planning that can easily jump-start your business in the right direction.

Our Software would be Tailormade (add plug ins to make it for your requirement) for Your Purpose

Usually you will need the ERP software for hotel to automate most processes relating to management of your hotel. In the past it required different software for catering, restaurant, lodging, reservation, transport, and others. This means for each activity you needed a different software. Since our hotel management ERP software is an all-in-one comprehensive package you will dispense with the necessity of looking elsewhere. Whatever task relating to effective hotel management you try to get would be available with our high quality software. Our high quality hotel management software will help you in getting the best out of your support staff dispensing with the necessity of lot of manual labors. It would be a case of efficient use of the information technology to derive the best results and that is what our ERP software for hotel will give you at the most affordable price.

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