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Isoft Fixed Asset Management

Isoft Fixed Asset Software

Isoft fixed Asset Management software is a complete solution to a fixed asset management problem. It is envisaged that the fixed assets don’t stay in one place and has the tendency to be relocated or moved from one place to another. Hence tracking of fixed asset can be a tedious task. Having a proper fixed asset solution can solve all the problems pertaining to the management of the same. As the size of the company grows it becomes more difficult to manage the same. Isoft Fixed asset software  is a wonderfull tool to manage the same by providing statutory reports time to time. 

Problems in Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset is an integral part of any organisation and  there are many problems in managing the same due to following reasons:

  • Don’t know where the fixed asset is
  • Don’t know who was allocated the asset
  • Unable to trace the history of an asset
  • Unable to calculate the depreciation
  • Unable to track the warranty etc
  • Unable to link the asset to a Maintenance contract
  • Unable to assert the value of the fixed asset used. etc


Fixed asset is an integral part of the organisation and needs a lot of money and is required to be managed in a better way to save a lot of money. Moreover the statutory requirement to manage the same makes it mandatory to have a good fixed asset software.

isoft Fixed Asset Software is a solution for this Problem

Isoft Fixed Asset Software takes up the role of asset management starting from the requisition of the fixed asset to its purchase and each and every activity pertaining to it. It is understood that if every action of Fixed asset is done as per the statutory rules set by the governing body, it becomes easy to manage the same.  Isoft Fixed asset solution makes it possible to keep proper records of all the mandatory transactions and also makes it easy to retriew information required for easy management of the assets of the company.

For fixed asset accounting it is necessary for you to have a very simple and easy fixed asset management process in place which can take care of the fixed asset starting from the purchase of it, thereafter its movement from place to place or department to department or from employee to employee. Moreover, it should also take care of the maintenance of the same during warranty and also thereafter. Fixed asset Software or a Good fixed asset solution is a must to handle the same without complication.

Majtech will provide you with software that helps build up comprehensive and full proof fixed asset management system for your enterprise. On one hand you will know exactly where you stand on date in terms of such assets and on the other you will learn which asset is where, and also know if the same assets are required to be replaced or refurbished .

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