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Isoft ERP Software

Isoft ERP Software and CRM Software is one of the biggest ERP software available in the market today because of its coverage in terms of modules covered and because of the technology used to develop it. Isoft ERP Software can cater any size of organisation with any kind of presence in the world because of its modular design which gives the company to choose the software as per their budget and plan. Isoft ERP Software is used to optimize performance, Control/cut cost, improve efficiency, improve competitiveness and make you proactive to any situation. Also, helps to analyze shortcomings, and  save time, money and effort in all aspects of business. Isoft ERP Software  is a complete package for any manufacturing organization like  Chemical, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Engineering, Projects, Oil and Gas textile companies,  etc.,  to manage their business with ease and comfort.. “Our aim is to take the company a step closer to a paperless office.”

Modules Covered

Isoft ERP Software  is one of the biggest ERP Solution in India with maximum coverage of the industrial requirement in having an automated environment We cover and cater all the department of the Company with following modules :

  • Accounts and finance
  • Inventory
  • Sales, Marketing and customer Relation
  • Purchase
  • Production and planning
  • Fleet 
  • Property
  • Admin
  • Fixed Asset

What makes our ERP Solution better than others?

  • Is a complete automation solution for any company (no other software required).
  • Modular design, makes part implementation easy. Hence, only pay for implemented modules.
  • Scale or upgrade system by adding  modules when required.
  • Cloud and client server implementation possible.
  • Easy Customization due to rapid application development tool.
  • Multiple level of authorization.
  • User friendly interface helps you to learn fast.
  • Industry specific software is just a replica of manual system.
  • Highly secured database and design for better security of data.
  • Improves process methodologies and facilitates better financial decision.
  • Manages material, Money, Machines and Manpower at its best to give substantial result 
  • Improves efficiency in production with quality product
  • Assures best service to the customers.
  • Improves competitiveness by reducing cost of production and distribution.
  • Helps management in take proactive decision rather working over corrections.
  • Lower customization cost 

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