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Majtech ?

Majtech is a dynamic, enterprise class business application software provider promoted by highly qualified and experienced professionals from various facets of business who has the capability to guide manufacturing companies to optimize performance  with the help of IT solutions like ERP software, IT Consulting and CRM Software. The company is established in the 2005 and now has the ability to mobilize team to guide and build processes to make capable our customer to stay abreast in competition with quality product and service. Our motive is to build a never tie with our valued customers. To achieve this we provide best of ERP Software, CRM Software and IT Consulting solutions.

What we do?

We at our company do everything that help business people to cut their cost and enable smooth transition of business process with the help of technology. To facilitate it we give them solutions by providing ERP Software, CRM Software, Inventory Software, Accounting Software, Human Resources Software, Fixed Asset Software, Administration Software, Fleet Management Software, Property Management Software, Hotel Software, Lodging Software, Restaurant and Bar Software, Sales Monitoring Software and many Bespoke Development as required. On cloud and Computer Platforms.

IT Consulting

We have a team of experts from various facets of business, with the help of these professional team we develop and deploy strategies to streamline business process to cut cost and have control on the business which helps them manage business with ease and comfort.

Whom we cater?

We cater to the needs of business enterprise like Manufacturers of chemical, engineering, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, service, Hotel, Transport, Government and textile industries by providing them cost efficient and user-friendly ERP software and CRM software, which is developed using state of the art technology.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of setting up the company is to fulfill the uptime and stringent requirement of the manufacturing and trading industry in managing their business in a efficient and cost effective manner. Moreover, to facilitate the companies have a pro-active approach in business and help decision making easy and efficient and compete the world with quality products and services.

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