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Problems of an Organisation

In this world of competition business houses are facing lots of  problems, to name a few we can say problems like competing  due to pricing, organizing  work, loss of inquiry, getting right resources for the job, receive timely payment, managing the team for optimum result, maintaining right stock of material for the right time, monitor sales, give better service to the customers, analyse the right investment, deliver things on time, plan for proper purchase, forecast financial burden etc.

If you are facing any of the above said  problems, it is time to implement good ERP software and CRM Software for your organization. Selecting  ERP software company in India, is a tedious task, you need to understand your requirement viz-viz check with your ERP Solution Provider. Selection of ERP software being a tedious task one forgets  important issues you are facing and select a wrong software. You must look on to the details of product  (i.e. the coverage of ERP system, scalability), because once you install ERP Software for Manufacturing Company, you cannot change it so easily. If you buy a software seeing the budget, in a long run you end up spending more for scaling it to a higher level. Instead you should do a complete study of ERP solution to avoid chaos or re-investment which is a bad practice.

CRM Software

iSoft CRM software is a money minting CRM Software which give wings to the sales team to manage their customers at its best. Installing iSoft CRM Solution is a way to bring repetitive business with better revenue options. CRM Software providers work to maintain good relation with the customers but we extended our arms to beat all the CRM software companies by giving them analytics on business so that they can optimize best out of the CRM solution. Moreover, unlike any CRM Companies in India we cover all the aspect of sales module to build confidence and leverage people to proactive decision in getting best result.

Accounting Software

Isoft Accounting software is a double entry book keeping software which is a simple to use accounting software for manufacturing, trading, Hotel, NGO or any other industry who need a simplified Accounting system in place. It automates your accounting functions with minimum entry. It also generates all the reports like ledgers, Profit and loss statement balance sheet, trial balance etc. These statutory reports can be generated in fraction of seconds by a key press. There are many established Accounting software’s but unable to cope with the trends and technology today. Isoft Accounting software is surely going to be the last stop if you are looking for an Accounts solution.

Isoft software meets all the requirement of any manufacturing company, unlike companies who call their product as best  ERP Software in mumbai or india, but in reality there have  hardly any modules and neither up-gradable. We assure you that isoft ERP solution Company in India is complete package and knows complete operation procedure followed in India.

ERP Software

iSoft ERP software is one of the cost-efficient ERP software which helps manufacturers and traders to manage their business with ease and comfort by providing the best of user interface and Navigation facility, which makes use of ERP software easy. You know that there are many ERP Software providers in India and abroad but nothing works for the people because its complicated design and structure. All the ERP Software Dealers or ERP Companies concentrate on revenue generation through extensive training which gives them regular source of income. Unlike other ERP Software Companies, our focus is to maintain and retain customers for a longer period by giving best ERP software in India. We have achieved our goal to maintain ourselves as one of the best ERP Providers with the help of proven design and development techniques and expertise in all the fields.

Inventory Software

iSoft inventory software is complete inventory management software which handles all the aspects of material requirement plan, material movement, consumption etc. if you are looking for a full proof inventory solution by the help of software, Majtech is the only inventory software company who can fulfill your needs of management of material. We assure you that among all the inventory software dealers you will see our product much advanced and up to the mark to manage stock. Moreover, our easy to use design and architecture to develop best inventory software adds feather to the wings.

In today’s world of stringent competition, to stay abreast and win the competition one needs to place the product in the right place at a right price with better quality, and also plan promotion etc that is required to be on top.  As you know very well that these parameters can be achieved only by streamlining the business process to give you maximum result and bare minimum cost. Isoft ERP Software assures you best of result after implementation wherein your product promotion development and distribution is taken care at the cheapest possible patter. Moreover, it assures minimum breakdown and loopholes. The proactive approach-based design and development enables the stakeholders from turning risk turning in to losses. Moreover, we all understand that customer is the most integral part of the business and the organization need to handle them with utmost care. To enrich the capacity to handle the customer in its best manner and to improve relation with them in a fruitful manner we need to streamline and mobilize the resources in best possible way.


Isoft ERP and CRM Solutions

The technology and expertise used to develop Isoft ERP Software and CRM software is one of its kind which gives control on complete resources of the company.

Isoft Accounting Solutions

To choose the accounting software from the web or anywhere in the market is a daunting task, as you have many options to choose from. you with automated solution for develop relationships

Isoft Sales Monitoring

Sales leads can help but you need efficient tracking and monitoring to earn good revenue from them. That is exactly where quality sales monitoring software can step in providing

Isoft Purchase

Few entrepreneurs try these days manual methods for enterprise resource planning. For effective ERP solutions most of them use software

Isoft Inventory Solutions

Too many inventory software’s are available in the market and to choose the right kind of inventory for your business can be a tedious task.

Isoft Material Requirement Planning

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Software will Help Capacity Building of Your Enterprise. you with automated solution for develop relationships

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