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Isoft Restaurant Software

Isoft restaurant management solution is a complete restaurant software to manage the restaurant of any size and nature, be it Bar or a take away joint or a cafeteria or a veg restaurant. Isoft restaurant software has the facility to manage the complete show from one point. It is very easy to use, as we understand that the people in the hotel industry need to be very fast and accurate in managing the show. Isoft restaurant software makes it easy by doing the management in a very automated manner. Further, the technology used for development helps our customer to stay abreast in the market with others.
  • Modules Covered
  • Benefits
  • Features

Modules Covered

  • Kitchen order Taking/Token
  • Kitchen Management
  • Counter Sales Management
  • Home Delivery/ Parcel Sales Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Bar Management


  • Industry specific product ( For Bar, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Take away joint)
  • Control on stocking of material
  • Control on issue and usage
  • Consumption Analysis
  • Control on cooking wastage
  • Control on Raw vegitable etc wastage
  • Track employee performance
  • For better accountability in preperation and service
  • For accurate costing of an item preperation
  • For proactive actions
  • For better planning of purchase
  • For easy implementation at affordable cost
  • For better pricing of Food and beverage
  • Easy implementation and traning
  • Scalable (can add modules to existing system when required)
  • Moduler (Implement Required modules)
  • Secured database
  • Best pricing


  • Multi Tasking
  • Client server based
  • Mailing
  • Messaging
  • Drill down
  • Administrator defined security
  • Unlimited users in single license
  • Data log of important events
  • Reminders of important events
  • Very user friendly (easy to use screen design)
  • International standard of design and development
  • Integrated system
  • Graphical reports
  • Real time data
  • Export to spread sheet
  • Developed using oracle (best tool as on today)
  • Available in almost all operating system.

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