Isoft ERP Software and CRM software is one of the best ERP software available in the market as on today developed on the latest and state of the art technology which can suffice all your needs without much of customization. The technology and expertise used to develop Isoft ERP Software and CRM software is one of its kind which gives control on complete resources of the company. This ERP Software optimizes performances, Controls cost, improves efficiency, make you proactive to a situation, Analyze shortcomings and saves money wherever possible giving advantage in competition.

 What do we cover in our ERP or CRM Software?

Isoft ERP Software or CRM Software is a complete package for a manufacturing organization. We have not left any stone unturned in designing the ERP Software. You ask for anything for any industry we have that covered in the system. The system covers all the department activities in so much detail that once you look into the software you will believe that this software is a complete Enterprise resource planning and we really mean it. Moreover the CRM software covers the aspect of Customer so extensively that we can vouch for its coverage completeness with any other software available in the market. Now a day it has become a trend to call any software a ERP, even though it is incapable to be called as a software for a single department/Module.

What makes our ERP Solution better than others?

  • Our ERP consists of more modules and complete automation of all the departments of the company.
  • It is modular in design and you don’t have to implement all the modules in the ERP/CRM. You can choose the module to start with and scale it, as and when your requirement grows. This helps you to have the same software for years without change.
  • You can choose the type of implementation cloud based or client server based, as some customers fear to keep the information on the cloud.
  • Customisation becomes easy as we use rapid application development tool to develop the system.
  • Multiple level of authorisation to control and monitor the activities.
  • User friendly User interface helps you to learn the system without stringent training sessions.
  • We understand every business and you will not have to adjust your working to fit in to the ERP/CRM you purchase. You just have to move from a manual system to our system and reap the best result software can produce.
  • It helps you to manage the business process with ease and comfort with highly secured application design.
  • Helps improve your financial situation by keeping every penny as it is millions.
  • Maintains material position at its best to give you the best result be it in production or in meeting the customer requirement.
  • Improves efficiency in production and quality of the product
  • Assures best service to the customers.
  • Helps controlling cost and improve product pricing.
  • Helps management to take proactive decision rather waiting for things to get out of control and then solve it.
  • You don’t have to pay for the complete ERP/CRM if you intend to install only few modules of our ERP
  • Less Customization cost as the time taken for customization is less as compared to other products.

Does our ERP Software solution Improve efficiency and control?

The most important thing that is expected of ERP software is improving efficiency and having proper control on the team and the resources like material machineries etc. Isoft ERP Solution is a real solution to this kind of problem, which is a proactive system which reminds you in advance about the risk turning into loss. Isoft ERP software is further dedicated to keep vigil eye on all the activities of production, sales, task etc. so that every activity is done by the executive with topmost care and vis-à-vis improve efficiency and control.

How will Isoft ERP and CRM Software streamline the business processes?

We understand every type of industry has its own unique way of working and Isoft ERP is exceptionally good ERP software when it comes to delivering results by following the business process you follow. Isoft ERP Solution knows the business process of every industry and covers all the aspect of the business without duplication and complication. Further the software has no rigid or complicated procedure to be followed. What you have to do is just follow your same pattern of work in more fast and efficient manner so that the work gets simplified and faster results are obtained.

Will Isoft ERP or CRM Software generate more money or save money?

Majtech is of the opinion that if with the implementation of ERP Solution if you don’t save money or generate more money, ERP software is just an electronic storage device. Our functional experts does not merely gather data of companies and make software as per the use, neither is this product developed for someone and then marketed to different people Isoft ERP software is a well-planned and designed software with the help of functional and technical experts, who has studied all the areas of business and its loopholes or loose ends where the money is leaked or wasted. Moreover, the areas where the money can be generated more. Compiling all this information in to a design and thoroughly tested to deliver more financial benefits to the organization that uses it. With implementation of Isoft ERP software you are just appointing one more member into the team how administers all the financial aspects without any chance of losing money or without any chance of missing an opportunity to gain money.

Will Isoft ERP Software and CRM Software help in timely decision?

Isoft ERP Software helps in timely decision all the aspect where timely action is required to be taken. This is done by reminding every activity in advance so that no action is missed or delayed.

Will my data be secured with Isoft ERP and CRM Solution?

Isoft ERP is developed using the most powerful and secured database since its launch till today. Your data is safe to the extent one can imagine off and the company is committed to provide the best security possible.

How much time will it take to implement?

The system is modular in design and the implementation time taken is at least 70% less than the time taken by any other software.

Is it user friendly (Will my workers be able to handle it)

We at Majtech believe that if the system has to be successful it has to be accepted by the users of the system. Isoft ERP software team has done exceptionally well by collecting information about the kind of people associated in the process and based on that the system is designed which makes it the most user friendly software. We can accept any challenge on the user-friendliness of the system.

Will training my staff be a perennial problem because of frequent employee turnover?

Nobody sticks to the same company for years. New people will come and old people will go away, but the system will remain in the company. Every time training the staff will be a perennial problem. Hence one should adopt the system which requires less training. Isoft ERP software is an exception in this matter too, the whole of ERP requires less than 5 days training to get acquainted to the system.

What is the return on the investment?

We believe that nothing is left to explain and you can be sure whatever features explained above is true then the system is bound to prove its worth in this front too. Whatever you spend will be returned to in performance increase or money saving or quality output, etc. All this is a return on the investment in one or the other way.

Isoft ERP Software is the best ERP solution for your company?

Isoft ERP is the best software in the market doesn’t have to be proved once you see the product for yourself. The above is just an outline of the product; you will appreciate once you see the product. If satisfied with the above points call us for a demo.

Our ERP Software Solutions are the Ultimate In the Industry We at Majtech, understand that every type of industry has its own style of working and does not match with the other. Understanding this unique product requirement, we have put in a lot of effort to convert these requirements into a product  which suits all the industries . This kind of design and development not only makes the implementation easy  and fast, but also reduces the cost of implementation and training. Further, Isoft ERP is very flexible, highly scalable and modular in design. This helps the customer in choosing the module of their own choice and scale it to a higher level as the requirement grows. Enterprise resource planning is the most used technology for business management. You need ERP software solutions for your company to stabilize the processes and for optimum usage of resources. We are one of the best ERP solution providers in the industry and will give you the best. Finding the right ERP solution on the web could be one of the most daunting tasks for you. The reasons can be many, but your search for ERP Solution ends here. ERP software solutions provided by us will take care of the minutest information you want to control and optimize. We understand that ERP is a vast subject to detail about, but one thing we can assure that meeting us will felicitate you in deciding which ERP solution you should go with. You need to realize that tag of "ERP Solution" alone doesn't matter. What matters is that, is the ERP Solution capable of optimizing all the resources of the company, does it suffice the management requirement, does it go with the trend of technology, does it make the user of the ERP comfortable, can a layman also operate your system, above all does it fit in the budget. If your are looking for a such a reliable and reputable provider or one of the best ERP solution providers your steps may automatically lead to us.

Over the Years We Have Built Up Great Reputation

We at have been able to build up great reputation in the industry as one of the leading ERP solution providers. Clients who have used our services once are coming back again and again seeking further solutions from us. A look at the positive feedbacks received from numerous satisfied clients would be the testimonials to this. Today we boast of a fat database of highly satisfied clients.

Our ERP Software Solutions are Highly Flexible

One of the advantages when you opt for our ERP software solutions is the high level of flexibility the software offers for you. Our software has the uncanny ability to adapt to any situation and custom requirements that your enterprise might have, be it any industry our ERP Software adapts to the environment you desire, keeping intact the security etc, that any ERP vouch for. Ability to provide such flexible software has made us one of the most sought after ERP software companies in the industry.

We will Give You Great Understanding of ERP Solutions

Before we proceed with the implementation of ERP software solutions for your enterprise we will always analyse and give you greater understanding of the solutions and tools you should be using for better result. We will practically assess the need of your enterprise first of all and then consult you to know if anything is left out or you require any change. Thereafter we will go ahead providing you the necessary software for providing ERP software for you. These are the steps we take in providing the right solution for you and that are what make us the best and most sought after ERP software companies in the industry. Enterprise resource planning can dramatically transform your business enterprise and make it an efficiently running enterprise pretty fast.

Why Isoft ERP Solution is your best Choice

Now to summarize the whole chapter of selecting the best ERP solution, there has to be some pointers you should check for. Isoft ERP Solution is way ahead in comparison with the other companies in this matter. Isoft ERP software is modular in design which helps the user to choose the preferred modules to start with and implement less priority module as and when the requirement grows. Second best thing about the system is that This ERP Software is highly scale-able, you can scale it to any level as your operation grows. Thirdly, One of the most important thing for a ERP Solution to be successful is user-friendliness, a software which can be operated by anyone with a lowest computer knowledge you can imagine off, we assure you of that friendliness. Forthly, The technology to cope-up with the latest trend in the market. We can vouch on the product that the technical requirement to meet the most desirable result with the help of technology can be attained by the tools we have opted for the development of the ERP Software. We provide ERP software solutions for our clients with a belief that they will compete with any one in the market with best information. We are transparent and client-friendly in our approach. Why delay? Contact us now and enjoy the best ERP solutions for your enterprise.
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