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Isoft Accounting Solutions

To choose the accounting software from the web or anywhere in the market is a daunting task, as you have many options to choose from. Moreover, some CA always prefers software which is cheap and which can facilitate their work rather than streamlining company’s process. The cost incurred on satisfying this type of CA can put you in to losses. There has to be certain elements which the accounting software should satisfy. The accounting software available does not fit in to any of the conditions. Every accounting software is bound to generate ledgers, balance sheet, and trial balance, print Cheques etc. which is mandatory for accounting software to be called as accounting software. Now the point is what are the other important elements which should be there in accounting software that helps the management in having complete control on the finances. Isoft accounting software will allow you to have proper control on the finances and helps you in taking right decision related to finances. So that misappropriation of finances is ruled out is it stocking material or any other activity? Isoft accounting software will play an important role in the streamlining of the financial aspects.

Does it fulfill my basic and statutory requirements ?

Isoft Accounts software is double entry book keeping software which fulfislls your requirement of various types of voucher, Ledgers, groups and bank reconciliation etc. Further it also satisfies all the statutory requirements related to taxes etc. as per state or province rules. Our accounting software will also take care of the GST requirements.

Is it available on cloud?

Isoft accounting software is available on cloud and client server also. Once can choose the kind of installation as per their operation of business.

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Is this software capable of connecting to other modules of the system?

Accounts being the heart of the system should be able to speak to other departments whenever required. Moreover, the information should be available in such fission that the accountant should be able to analyses and calculate the required information. Isoft Accounting software suffices all the requirement of sharing the information and validating the entries.

Is it Easy to use?

Isoft Accounting software is very easy and user-friendly even the person with basic accounting knowledge can use the software without any problem.

Time saving features

The important information need not be compiled, it is easily available on the fingertip i.e. just a click away and you will be able to scan the complete information.

Is it accessible by Mobile ?

Important information’s are easily available on the phone. So that timely decisions can be taken.

How will the Auditor check the information ?

Isoft accounting software is so user friendly that the auditor can check all the information form the remote desktop without any help of the employee and audit the records without disturbing the normal routine of work.
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How secured is the information with Isoft Accounting software

Security in accounting software is a must because money is involved and slight possibility of fiddling with the system can lead to losses and Isoft Accounting software is exceptionally good when it comes to that. Isoft accounting software has the capability to secure the data without giving room to fiddle around with the system.

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