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Too many inventory software’s are available in the market and to choose the right kind of inventory for your business can be a tedious task. It is really difficult to analyses which software can suit best to your industry. Most of the inventory software suffice the need of some specific industry and does not fit into your category of business. To buy a product which is not meant for you and adjusting according to the software can be at times a loss making proposition. Isoft inventory is remarkably different from the products available in the market. Its inventory capabilities are not like, just any normal product off the shelf, it is a, well thought and designed software, for the stores management, to suit your industry, because we have different product for every industry be it steel chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Project, construction, etc. Isoft Inventory software team has kept in mind all the teething problem that the stores department faces in managing the inventory. If your ultimate aim is to manage the inventory in its best possible Isoft Inventory management software can be the best solution for your industry, Isoft Inventory software has unique features really required for your industry. Stores or Godown is one of the critical areas of business and the material requirement of production or smooth production is completely based on the proper inventory management. Excess stocking of the material or less stocking of the material or any irregularities in stocking the inventory can lead to financial loss to the company. There is few thing one need to look into before select best Inventory software for your organization.

What do we cover in our Inventory software?

Isoft Inventory software is a module of our Isoft ERP software, which is designed and developed using state of the art technology, and covers the complete stores management activities. You ask for it and you will find it in Isoft inventory management software that is what we vouch on. The extensive coverage of the minutest details is our USP, so missing out anything that is required in the inventory management system is out of question. Moreover, it covers the details so well that the any one without training can use it. Isoft inventory software is end to end solution for your stores and of any type of industry be it project Management Company, or FMCG or Chemicals or Steel or any industry.

What makes Isoft Inventory Software Solution better than others?

All the business people wants to have the best inventory software for their business and will look for the same in the market , but, what is the criteria to select the best among the available products in the market or web. Isoft Inventory management software will not fall short on any criteria of comparison you are looking for. Our team of developers and consultants has looked into all the aspects of business in so many details to make products that it has all the aspects covered and also takes care of what the user will look for in inventory software. Isoft inventory software will be best because of many reasons it can be the coverage, user friendliness, security, analytical features, tracking inventory part etc.

How will Isoft Inventory software streamline the business processes?

The Purpose of automation is to streamline the business process of inventory management. Isoft inventory software will facilitate smooth transition of business process by giving complete control on the movement of inventory and analytical management of the inventory. To streamline the process of inventory management, Isoft inventory software group of technical and functional experts had carried out extensive study in this field by visiting many industries of different business and designed an Inventory solution that best streamlines the whole process of the inventory. Isoft team assures you that you will not have to use multiple software’s for Inventory management and every aspect will be recorded and retrieved in fraction of seconds. Further Isoft inventory software will give you the desired results without any complication or tedious way of doing things.

Will Isoft inventory Software generate more money or save money?

It is understood that any smart software either generates or saves money for business. Isoft Inventory management system is capable of generating money and saving money in many ways. At Majtech Isoft Inventory management software team has in detailed analyzed where the company puts in money in vain may be stocking of material, theft , damage, inappropriate usage etc. All these aspects that can drain out the organizations money is taken care of well that your money is saved by using Isoft inventory software. Moreover, allows smooth and professional transition of business by managing the inventory in its best possible way.

Will Isoft inventory Software help in timely decision?

It is difficult to find out which software will help you in timely decisions. It is noticed that all the inventory software’s available in the market are not even capable of furnishing the complete information about the inventory management. Hence writing off those products from the list of selected software’s can be a better idea. Isoft inventory software is so much in detail that you will believe that all the reminders associated with material requirement of material management will be definitely covered. Isoft Inventory management software is a complete package for inventory control. This will help the management in taking timely and accurate decisions. The reports will facilitate the management to that extent that you will not miss any important event and lead to loss or damage in the inventory.

Will my data be secured with Isoft inventory software solution?

In the world where people are either careless or cheaters one need to keep the inventory safe and secured. Safe and secured inventory does not mean the inventory should be kept in lock and key. Instead inventory software solution should maintain the records so well that there should not be any scope of manipulation or misuse or miss issue etc. This is well taken care by Isoft inventory management software keeping in mind the teething problem of managing the inventory. Isoft inventory management software keeps complete track of all the movement of the inventory with accountability features inbuilt so as to have complete safe and secured inventory management solution for your industry.

How much time will it take to implement?

Major problem that the companies face is the implementation of the software or a switchover from one inventory software to another inventory software solution. Isoft inventory software is so much capable and easy to switch from one software to another or from manual system to computerized inventory software. Further it’s highly user friendly user interface provides information so well that the teething problem of training and implementation is easily tackled.

Is it user friendly (Will my workers be able to handle it)

Major fear that the industrialist face is whether the people in the organization is capable of handling the software which is considered as one of the difficult task in industry. As far as Isoft inventory software is concerned we can say that it is one of the most users friendly software on earth developed and designed using international standards of designing and coding. We believe that the success of the software company depends on the use of the software because if one buys inventory software and does not use it. The inventory software is meaningless, hence we look in to every aspect of the user i.e. class, education, IQ level etc. while designing the interface for the job. Isoft inventory software solution can be best used for all your inventory problems without any second thought.

Will training my staff be a perennial problem because of frequent employee turnover?

At Majtech we try to give software at best possible price. Hence we cannot say that the training period required is more and charge more for training. We can say that Isoft inventory software can be used even by a person who is seeing our inventory software for the first time. That is the reason our software is accepted by most of the companies where even labour operate the system. Isoft inventory software is self-explanative software for inventory which really does not require any trainer to teach.

What is the return on the investment?

Any businessman makes and investment thinking of some return from that investment. Isoft inventory management software can give you the best return on investment by means of improved efficiency, timely proactive actions to avoid risk turning into losses, Enabling Proper purchase plan, proper control on movement and analysis of the material usage etc. All these aspects of inventory software help you in saving money on all possible losses/damages.

Isoft inventory management Software is the best inventory software solution for your company

Isoft inventory management software is the best inventory software solution when compared to other inventory software’s available in the market, because it gives best of the features that a technology can provide. Secondly, it is one of the best user friendly software available from the list of software’s. Majtech has the best support team which can solve your problem/query in no time.

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