What is the need of ERP/CRM in an Organisation?

What is the need of ERP/CRM in an Organisation?


Most of the Indian business people feel there is no need of an ERP in the organisation as far as the work is going on. What people do is computerise the accounting section in the organisation and leave the rest on the employees. But, in today’s world of stringent competition, to stay abreast in the market a business house needs to at least concentrate on the financial situation, cost cutting, better service and optimum and quality production.

Let us concentrate on these points one by one:

  1. Financial situation: As you know that finance is the most important aspect of business and misappropriation of finance can lead to heavy loss in business. Keeping track of the financial transaction alone will not suffice the requirement. One will have to utilize all the resources to produce the best financial result be it earning or saving. A good ERP will help you do all the necessary things to manage the business where money is involved, in such a fashion that it starts to give the best result for the company.
  2. Cost Cutting: Second important factor is cutting the cost of operation. ERP does cut the cost of operation by eradication duplication of work and reducing the manpower resources utilised to get the work done in the company by complete automation. As the cost on these areas is reduced, the cost on capital goods also is reduced.
  3. Better Service: Can ERP & CRM help the company in bettering the service. Yes in many ways which facilitates the organisation to create goodwill in the market, which in turn increases the profits and turnover of the company
  4. Optimum and quality production& distribution: ERP & CRM will facilitate the organisation in achieve the target of optimum production and quality production through monitoring every aspect of production and distribution process.



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