How does a ERP work?

How does a ERP work?

The best ERP service provider will look into every aspect of the resources available in the company and gives you the best option to utilize the resources to its maximum benefit. In today’s world ERP has become a mere term rather than it actually is. We can see that Tally like product has also termed its product as an ERP.
There are few thing that should be looked into to know how the erp should work or is working in your organisation.
ERP should work precisely, as per the resources of the company. Which means that your operation should not be adjusted as per the requirement of the software but it should be utilizing the resources in such a fashion that all the activities that are done in the company should be eased and the information related to decision making should be available on figure tips.
We have noticed that every company is different in size and its operation spread. Keeping this as a factor in mind every ERP should be highly scalable so that it can accommodate the smallest and the largest alike. Now to bring to notice i can show you that all the companies claim that there software highly scalable but will force you to pay for the product which you will never be using.
The third most important thing is adaptability. In software industry we have seen that the company who buys the software will have to adapt the working of the software. To a certain extent this can be necessary if this is going to improve on efficiency or productivity, but really in-vain if it is done just to fullfill the requirement of the software.
If the ERP Software does not work as explained we at Majtech does not consider it an ERP.


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