Welcome to Majtech

A dynamic enterprise class, business application software provider, promoted by highly qualified and experienced professionals from various facets of business. We have been providing ERP and CRM solution to Manufacturers, Traders, Hotels,  Transporters, Fleet Owners and Real Estate Companies for over a decade.

We offer comprehensive enterprise-class, business application software, that ensures information a single click away. This critical information about payments, receipts, stocks, production and administration facilitates enhanced capabilities in managing business and tightening loose ends in the organisation.  We feel that best result is achieved when the stakeholders can concentrate on the  core business activity while administrative activities are well controlled by proper system implementation. We firmly believe that real business class people who are on the path of growth don’t like to waste time on day to day activities, rather would be interested in the core business activities which can give better control on the current business scenarios and work ahead on future aspiration. The real business class people would never settle for anything short of the best for their business. We dedicate our effort and  continuously work hard to turn our customers dream into a reality.

Quality is “the totality of characteristics of an entity, that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.”