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Majtech is a dynamic, enterprise class business application software provider, promoted by highly qualified and experienced professionals from various facets of business. We have been providing ERP and CRM solution to Manufacturers, Traders, Hotels, Transporters, Fleet Owners and Construction and Real Estate Companies for over a decade. Further we provide consulting services to software as well as companies who need professional IT Consulting

Why and When do you need an ERP Software or a CRM solution?

There are various reasons for and ERP Software to be implemented in any organization. In today’s world of stringent competition, to stay abreast in the market one needs to place the product in the right place at right price with better quality. As we all know these parameters can be achieved only by streamlining the business process to its maximum output efficiency and proper control on business. Isoft ERP Software assures you best of the control on the complete resources of the company, with minimum breakdown and loopholes with its proactive approach based design and development. Moreover we all understand that customer is the most integral part of the business and the organization need to handle them with utmost care. To enrich the capacity to handle the customer in its best manner and to improve relation with them in a fruitful manner we need to streamline the service and the sales process which depicts proficiency and professionalism on your part, and this cannot be achieved by any manual or incapable system with fake promises. Believe us on this front about customer relationship, we assure you that with implementation of Isoft CRM Software your relation with your customer will be one thing you will be proud off.

Why we are one point solution to the problem?

It is very difficult to identify the right kind of ERP software for your organization, because some companies have some product better and some has the other, it is very difficult to get a proper integrated solution from one ERP Software Providing Company. If this software’s has to be integrated then it creates a lot of problem due to technical/ Functional/ platform limitations. We at Majtech have designed and developed ERP Software/CRM Software that is fully integrated and capable of catering all the industry due to our industry specific design and development. Hence the product is capable of delivering result as per industry requirement. Our Team of Functional and Technical experts put in a lot of effort to accumulate information are from various industries. These input has made us capable to produce the best of the industry specific ERP Software. Now, when you have a solution as per your requirement based on your industry you don’t have to look for any other service provider for your problems. One thing we can assure that you will not have to club 2 or 3 product to make your system complete. Be it Accounts, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Production, Excise, Taxation, HRD, Production, Administration, Property or anything our product has all the solution.

What we do to provide best erp and CRM software?

The best ERP Software is not designed overnight or on just assumption, it is a hardcore dedicated effort of Technical and functional experts. These functional experts from various facets of business compile information to cater the growing and uptime needs of the industry. We have designed this system based on the management information required to the fullest still we have not ignored the user of the system. Complete analysis of the user from various industry, their qualification, and their computer literacy has been taken care to make a product which is very user friendly and very much as per the requirement of the industry.

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